Events at Evansville Vineyard Church

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Pastor Troy often has a unique way of illustrating his sermons. For the March 8 sermon he brought a live horse into the church to add a memorable effect to his "Is Your Saddle Slipping" series.


The Evansville Vineyard Church recently hosted a Worship Songwriters' Workshop. The event, led by Christa Shore, delved into the "Heart" of leading worship as well as the fundamentals of songwriting in general. 

Christa has been an important contributor to the worship music community for 40 years and has led a variety of worship teams in several churches. Additionally, she has been a successful songwriter, recording artist and touring musician.  

Christa, her husband Mike and Evansville Vineyard Pastor Troy Smith provided insights, tips and anecdotes on the process of  songwriting and managing the dynamics of a worship team to a number of aspiring songwriters and worship team leaders.

Sharing a meal is an important activity here at the Evansville Vineyard Church. Its a good time to relax, fellowship and enjoy some great cooking. About once a month breakfast is provided by the church and prepared by members for the congregation and invitees. Although the menu varies from meal to meal the enjoyment is constant.


Guest Speaker Michael Cotton brings a prophetic word to the Evansville Vineyard Church.


Another special event, another meal. We eat well here. Today's menu included blueberry and buttermilk pancakes.