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Location Hours & Contact

We are located at 851 N Red Bank Rd, Evansville, IN 47712 on Evansville's westside. Services are 10am on Sunday. All are welcome. Come on out.

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Who we strive to be

Follow this link to see what makes us tick. This should give you some insight about our aspirations as an organization dedicated to God, Jesus Christ and people. 

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Here's where you'll find some of the guidelines we wish to follow as we interact with our church members and the public at large. These principles steer our course.

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God's word delivered in a relevant, interesting and inspiring fashion...most of the time, we hope. We are blessed to have pastors Troy and Jeff Smith as well as several guest speakers provide significant spiritual insights.

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Tithes & Donations

 We are here and can do what we do for the community of Christ because you care for and believe in us. Thank you for what you give. We truly appreciate your gifts and tithes. We pray you will be blessed. NOTE: This ap is not yet functional. Please contact the church to give. Thanks

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Groups & Gatherings

Attending a church can be much more than hearing a good sermon once a week. Often the greatest work of the church happens in small groups as friends and fellow believers gather together to share their lives and their belief.

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While we understand and truly believe that worshiping God is something that can be done every day in all the things we do, we also believe that music provides a powerful and unique way for us to express our worship and praise for the one true God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

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"For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples" Isaiah 56:7. God said that and we try to honor His directives. We believe in the power of prayer to communicate directly with God and to bring about healing, blessings and comfort for those who will reach out to God in prayer.

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Missions & Ministries

We have a history of working with communities in Costa Rica and Belize. We provide spiritual guidance to the locals who are hungry for discipleship. We also give financial support when it is needed and we provide hands on labor for important community projects during our mission trips. We are also active in various Evansville ministries.

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Here is where you can learn about the shepherds that tend the Evansville Vineyard Church flock. They not only are great at tending sheep but they are pretty good at herding cats as well. 

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Schedule & Events

Check here to find out what's going on when.

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Here are some pics and a little information on recent events that took place here at the Vineyard.

Blog Page

Check out what we're up to , what we're talking about and what we're thinking

You Tube Channel

Music Videos, Sermons, Devotionals and more.

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