What do you worship. Part 4

We are all creatures with a spiritual component in addition to our physical and psychological parts. If you believe that there is a God who made the heavens and earth as opposed to all this wonder just happening by accident and circumstance then you have taken a step into the metaphysical realm and have heeded a message from the spirit within you. The likelihood is that your spirit being is going to last a lot longer than you physical being. It seems the experiences you have to look forward to if you have a good relationship with the One who created all the universes and who made and controls the plan for your destiny beyond the physical realm are going to be better than if you are at odds with Him.

Since it’s reasonably evident that you are going to worship something why not invest your devotion into a long term plan that has assurance after assurance in one of the oldest, most widely read and respected information sources in existence. With all He has done for this planet and the human race there is little doubt that He is deserving of all the worship we can summon. If you are still struggling with the decision about who or what to worship contact us here at the Evansville Vineyard and we will try to help you find the answers you need in order to make your choice.

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