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I like your ways...

Some days are normal. Some days are full of joy and happiness where everything seems right. Other days...well, some days just stink. Fortunately, today was a great day.

Like many other Tuesdays, today we spent at school. We love these days. The children are hungry to learn about Jesus and, of course, we love to share. In the midst of the chaos at school, where children are playing, running and singing, 8 year old Ashanti ran up and took Dennis' hand. Looking up at him with those big dark eyes she said, "Mr. Dennis, I like your ways. You and Ms Robin love everyone." Then just like that, she ran off. God must have known we needed a shot in the arm today and He used 12 simple words from a child to encourage us. Ashanti, we desperately want you know that we love because HE first loved us.

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