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Our next mission trip will be March 2020 when we will be visiting our friends in Belize. Please pray for the safety and effectiveness of all our team members.  This trip has been postponed due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. Please continue to pray for our mission team as we wait for future opportunities. We will keep you updated on our progress.

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The Evansville Vineyard Church Missions teams are very active. They have a big trip to Belize coming up next month. Stay on top of their adventures by tuning into our blog on a regular basis. You can meet the team headed for Belize at the blog now.




Belize is a land where many of the people are familiar with God and Jesus Christ but still benefit  from continued nurturing and guidance in the application of the bible's teachings to their everyday life. Robin and Dennis Lannert have long time, close relationships with communities in the back country of Belize and pay regular visits to their friends over there to spread the Word of God and conduct community projects to encourage and bless the Belize people.



In Costa Rica, behind the veneer of beachfront luxury hotels and lush jungle eco-tourism resorts you'll find a country of rural and mountain communities peopled with folks who take a casual and friendly approach to life. Many of whom are never the less, serious about following Jesus Christ. Our efforts in Costa Rica have been going on for many years. In that time we have assisted local villages in building projects, shared the joy of Christ with them and supported their local church groups.


Even though we have a heart for ministering to people in far off and exotic places we are also very sensitive to the needs of our local people. The Evansville Vineyard Church supports groups within our own communities that play a part in bringing much needed spiritual, emotional, psychological  and physical healing to the needy right here in Evansville. Additionally, the Evansville Vineyard Church is continually seeking new ways to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ at the local level. 


Team Leader



Team Leader


Dennis and Robin are the Dynamic Duo of the Belize Mission efforts.

During the 3 years they lived in Belize among the back country villagers they built deep and long lasting relationships as they spread God's word and a lot of care and love. Its been a while since they moved back to the states and they are especially excite about taking a team back to Belize to continue the work they started.

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