Who we strive to be


We desire for our church to be a place where:

 1.  The unchurched and unbelievers can come

       and have the freedom to explore/discover


2.  Individuals have the freedom to wrestle with

     God’s truth as they seek to know more about

     God and His heart. 

This would include:

  • Seeking the truth about the Bible?  Is it really

       authored by God?  If so what role did God

       play in its inspiration?  Is it true from cover

       to cover?

  • Learning more about God’s grace and its

       ultimate expression through Jesus and the           cross.

  • Learning more about spiritual gifts, their

       expressions, and validity.

  • Learning more about what God has to say about

  • moral issues such as sex outside of marriage,homosexuality, divorce, and abortion.

3.  People can come as they are, be themselves,

     be loved, and be guided into God’s truth and

     toward a closer relationship with God.